AFSA Membership Rises to 30!

The Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa held its 2016 Annual General Meeting at Friendship International Hotel in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

As part of the renewal of the alliance members admitted four organizations to AFSA membership. AFSA has different membership categories: 1. Core Membership (core members decide the policies of the Alliance and are regional farmers’ organizations and regional African NGO networks) 2. Associate Membership (this category includes specialist NGOs and national networks that are not able to be part of AFSA through a regional network) 3. Friends of AFSA (this category is for organizations based outside Africa who support what AFSA stands for and are keen to work with AFSA).


Based on the above membership categories the following are the newly admitted members of AFSA in 2016.

1. Comité Ouest Africain de Semences Paysannes (COASP) – Core Member

2. Association Ouest Africaine pour le Développement de la Pêche Artisanale (ADEPA) – Core Member

3. Fédération Agroécologique du Bénin (FAEB) – Associate Member

4. Thousand Currents (formerly known as International Development Exchange – IDEX) – Friend of AFSA

The AFSA Secretariat warmly welcomes all the newly admitted AFSA members. Including the four new members AFSA has now 30 members organizations.