Declaration of the 6th West African Peasant Seed Fair

AFSA member network, the West African Peasant Seed Committee (COASP), brought together almost 500 people including smallholder farmers, representatives of peasant organizations, civil society, national and international research institutes from eight West African countries and three European countries. They gathered from … Continued

AFSA members create two more Working Groups

Working groups play a critical role identifying areas or spaces where AFSA members can increase policy and advocacy engagements at regional, continental and global level. AFSA previously had three active working groups on seed sovereignty, land, agroecology, plus a fourth … Continued

PRESS RELEASE: Draconian Corporate Seed Law Must Be Stopped in its Tracks

The African Regional Intellectual Property Organization (ARIPO) continues to pointedly exclude African civil society and farmer representation from its meetings, in blatant disregard of principles of good democratic governance and participation as emphasized in multiple International Treaties and UN Human … Continued

SUMMARY POLICY STUDY REPORT: Opportunities for Amplifying Agroecology: a review of policies, frameworks and mechanisms related to food sovereignty and sustainable food systems in Africa

A short summary of a research study to identify and review existing international and regional policies, legal frameworks and mechanisms in relation to agricultural food systems in Africa, with particular reference to agroecology, food sovereignty, nutrition and gender equality. This summary … Continued

GM food and Nigerian promoters

AFSA Chair Mariann Bassey-Orovwuje hit back at press attacks on civil society activists, and cited massive conflict of interest by biosafety regulators. —— I read with amusement the off-the-wall allegations against the anti-gmo activists in a write up posted on News … Continued


This is a summary of an AFSA study on pastoralism-related policy in the Horn and East Africa. The report identifies and analyses policy and regulatory and legal frameworks in IGAD and EAC regions of Africa, and recommends actions for civil … Continued