Declaration of the International Forum for Agroecology

Nyéléni, Mali 27 February 2015 We are delegates representing diverse organizations and international movements of small-scale food producers and consumers, including peasants, indigenous peoples and communities (together with hunter and gatherers), family farmers, rural workers, herders and pastoralists, fisherfolk and … Continued

Iowa State University Feed Trials

13-376_White_20140819_CR_Approved-Redacted.pdf 13-376_White_New_Approved_20140131_corrected-Redacted-copy.pdf 2013-08-20.Meeting-minutes_Redacted-1-copy.pdf 2014-08-19.Meeting-Minutes_Redacted-copy.pdf

Draft SADC PVP Protocol

Greetings from the Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa (AFSA). We have produced a short briefing paper on the deliberations on the draft SADC Plant Variety Protection (PVP) Protocol that took place 13-14th March 2014 in JHB where several AFSA … Continued