(English) OPEN LETTER: Do not allow Africans to be used as guinea pigs for untested high-risk new GM technology

Desculpe-nos, mas este texto esta apenas disponível em Inglês (Eua) y Francês.

  • Despite wide-spread research and warnings about the impact of GM in agriculture and upon health, the advance seems to be unstemmed. Can Africa effectively sustain healthy crop productions in opposition to the lucrative GM stampede?

  • Emily Schneider-Waterberg

    I endorse this letter whole heartedly.

  • Penelope Zeffertt

    I endorse this letter!

  • ZL

    100,000,000% in agreement with this letter. Wholeheartedly endorse it!

  • Tony Giloi

    Don’t test on our health agree with letter.

  • Mickey ohaher

    I Strongly Endorse This Letter, Protect Our Health Our Soils.

  • Davina Doyle

    I endorse this letter

  • Ginny

    I too endorse this letter.

  • Karen

    Yes many people are still very ignorant but more and more of us are learning the truth and we are disgusted and appalled of the lies and poison we are being fed literally & figuratively. It is a LIE that GMO promotes food security – we hear of hundreds of thousands of farmers committing suicide because of huge gmo crop failures over the years;; .. we hear of our environment; our fragile ecology being broken down and the rapid dying off of our bees for one, because of gmo crops;; we hear of small organic farmers being taken to court and having their farms ultimately closed down & livelihoods destroyed because of devious evil gmo corporate companies forcing for themselves, the ownership of the worlds food;; ..we hear of people suffering illnesses and health disorders linked to gmo foods. We have had enough and we are telling everyone about this evil overtake of our precious seed and food. …. I endorse this letter.

  • Robyn McDermott

    No thank you… you can keep your killer crops mansanto. South Africa has and will be fine without your GMO crops. NO GMO’S, NO GMO’S

  • Dred Locks

    I endorse this letter. The key is ensure the politicians and other decision makers do not take a bribe to look the other way and allow this nonsense to get into the country which is major cancer in every country.