African Youths Call for Agroecology, Eliminate Use of Chemicals on Farms

In hosting a meeting on the ‘Roadmap to Implementation of the Paris Agreement’ JVE International called for natural methods of farming using agroecological practices and the elimination of chemical pesticides and fertilizers which were proven to be harmful to the environment and to human consumption.

From the 4th– 6th of March 2016 JVE International constituted its annual Directors Forum in Lomé, Togo with an overarching theme “JVE and the SDGs: Reimagining change in Local Development and Youth Employment “. Participants presented remarkable campaigns toward climate change sensitization and awareness, engagement with schools in promoting environmental education especially in terms of practices for efficient and sustainable use of resources, tree planting, culture and biodiversity conservation and eco entrepreneurship. Significant part of the meeting was marked by the commitments and plans the youth set for activities for the year 2016 towards implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and support to other stakeholders and especially the government in implementation of the Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDCs) as agreed in Paris.

The agriculture sector which is being impacted by climate change has for long been unattractive for young Africans who continue to migrate to the Global North in search of better incomes. If proper support is given to smallholder family farmers by providing them access to finance and linkage with wider market, African youth can become key players in realizing self-sufficient Africa.