Over 57,000 Demand Ceasing of GM Banana Feeding Trials

It is to be remembered that in December 2014 AFSA released an open letter opposing human feeding trials in Iowa State University in the U.S involving GM bananas from Uganda. It was signed by 127 organizations across the world and … Continued

Brief Report on the State of GMOs/Bt Cotton in Ethiopia

As is the case with many of African countries hunger and malnutrition are being used as justifications for the introduction of GMOs and intensification of large-scale land based investments in Ethiopia. The long stretched hands of GMO proponents mainly the … Continued

Why an Alliance for Food Sovereignty?

CONTEXT More than 65 percent of the population of Africa depends on agriculture for labour and livelihoods. This agriculture is almost completely rain-fed, with only about 4 per cent of arable land under irrigation. Most farmers struggle mightily with the … Continued