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The Citizens’ Working Group on Agroecology (CWGA) is a strategic initiative within AFSA, dedicated to reshaping food systems in Africa for improved health and well-being.

Our goal is to enhance citizen access to agroecologically produced food, fostering a holistic approach across production, distribution, and consumption. We promote traditional African foods throughout the value chain, from farm to table.

Through knowledge generation and dissemination, mobilization of consumer support, and policy advocacy work, CWGA aims to catalyze a shift towards agroecological principles for healthy diets and sustainable food systems.

Our anticipated outcomes include placing African citizens at the forefront of advocacy, shaping food policy, and fostering awareness of the benefits of agroecology. We advocate for market-based initiatives and evidence-based alternatives, striving to build a healthier, more sustainable future for all.

Since its inception, the Citizen Working Group on Agroecology (CWGA) has been at the forefront of driving thematic programs aimed at mobilizing citizens across Africa and beyond.

The working group is currently coordinating four core initiatives: The development of an African food policy, My Food Is African campaign and building African Agroecological Enterprises and territorial markets. These efforts underscore CWGA’s commitment to fostering positive change and shaping the future of food systems in Africa.

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