Global Justice Now! (GJN)

Global Justice Now, formerly known as the World Development Movement, is a membership organisation based in the United Kingdom which campaigns on issues of global justice and development in the Global South.

GJN is a democratic social justice organisation working as part of a global movement to challenge the powerful and create a more just and equal world. GJN mobilizes people in the UK for change, and act in solidarity with those fighting injustice, particularly in the global south.

Thousand Currents

For more than 30 years, Thousand Currents (formerly IDEX) has invested in more than 500 community-led initiatives in the Global South. Today, Thousand Currents is exchanging grassroots brilliance for lasting and transformative change, working with over 2 million women, small farmers, Indigenous Peoples, urban residents, sexual and ethnic minorities, and youth.

Thousand Currents fund local solutions and exchange grassroots brilliance. Through grantmaking programs, Thousand Currents partners with organizations and movements —led by women, youth, and Indigenous Peoples in the Global South — that are creating lasting solutions to our shared global challenges. Partners develop solutions that are innovative and impactful. They work to ensure their communities have access to healthy and locally grown food, are able to enjoy economic prosperity that generates wellbeing for all people, and live in a safe and healthy environment that supports abundant life.

AGRA Watch

AGRA Watch is a campaign of Community Alliance for Global Justice. The mission of AGRA Watch is to challenge the dominant development ideology pushed by governments, corporations, and “private” philanthropic actors as they try to expand our corporate-driven, industrial model of agriculture into Africa. Chief among these “private” actors are the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) and their subsidiary, the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA). AGRA Watch works with partner organizations in Africa and the US to support sustainable, agroecological, socially responsible, and indigenous alternatives on the continent. Together, we are creating a network to connect global movements to those in our local communities and facilitate the exchange of information concerning sustainable and healthy agricultural policies and practices across continents.

International Tree Foundation (ITF)

International Tree Foundation (ITF) began life as Watu wa Miti in Kenya in 1922. ITF was founded in 1924 by visionary environmentalist Richard St. Barbe Baker who went on to inspire thousands of people across the world to protect and grow trees.

ITF is a values based organisation that works with local communities in Africa and the UK to increase awareness of the value of trees, grow and regenerate trees and forest habitats rich in biodiversity that improve livelihoods and well-being. We put local communities and their goals at the heart of our work.

A core part of our new Growing Together Strategy is to seek to co-create alliances and networks to enable grass-roots solutions to the environmental crisis we face. Through our strategic aims for education, environment, livelihoods and capacity building we are supporting a community-centred and holistic model for a transformative, equitable and sustainable relationship with the natural world.

John Wilson

John Peter William Wilson is a Zimbabwean freerange facilitator and consultant. He is interested in sustainable agriculture, natural resource management and community engagement and network building. Considering his outstanding contributions and devotion to the strengthening of the Alliance he has been given individual membership at the 2015 AFSA General Assembly in Accra, Ghana.