Over 57,000 Demand Ceasing of GM Banana Feeding Trials

It is to be remembered that in December 2014 AFSA released an open letter opposing human feeding trials in Iowa State University in the U.S involving GM bananas from Uganda. It was signed by 127 organizations across the world and 26 prominent activists and scientists. The discussion and debate surrounding the open letter continues to this day on the AFSA website.

Similarly, in February 25, 2016, concerning the same human feeding trials, AGRA Watch and Iowa State University graduate students gathered over 57,000 signatures asking the University and the Gates Foundation to cease supporting the transgenic banana study, including human feeding trials, and to change the trajectory for this type of research conducted at public universities. Read the press release by the AGRA Watch here and contribute to the discussion on AFSA website here: Open Letter Opposing Human Feeding Trials Involving GM Banana.