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This collaborative research and analysis of existing African Agroecological Enterprises and their service providers helps understand how to enlist existing and emerging enterprises in creating an enabling environment for Agroecology.

You can see the results of the research and analysis in the links below. The list is growing as new publications come online.

Briefing Papers

  • Overview of Phase One research (PPTX)
  • The enabling environment for Agroecological Enterprises in Africa
  • Service providers for African agro-entrepreneurs and smallholder farmers
  • The case for African agro-entrepreneurs and territorial markets

Six Local Case Studies

Country and Regional Reports


  • AFSA market conference October 2021
  • Oxford Real Farming conference January 2021
  • Slow food March 2021
  • AFSA and AEF with consultants June 2021

The research was carried out by the Agroecology Fund in collaboration with Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa and other Agroecological movement practitioners in Africa with support from the 11th Hour Project.

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