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The Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa (AFSA) invites you to share your stories of land grabs for our documentation project. Our goal is to reveal the true impact of land grabs across Africa.

Africa is rapidly changing due to agricultural expansion, mining, urbanization, and climate projects. These changes often displace smallholder farmers and Indigenous peoples, harming their livelihoods. Despite this, institutions portray Africa’s land as under-utilized, promoting investment that leads to more land grabs and environmental degradation.

Help us challenge this narrative. Submit your expression of interest through our online form by 14 July 2024. Selected contributors will receive 400 USD (less 15% WHT tax) and guidance to develop full case studies, which will be published by AFSA.

Explore our existing case studies on AFSA’s website. Join us in documenting and fighting land grabs in Africa.

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