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The purpose of AFSA is to champion a fundamental shift towards agroecology to redefine and reclaim the narrative of agriculture in Africa. We advocate for a transition that necessitates not only a change in policy but a profound shift in mindset, from the industrial food system’s narrow and reductionist focus on high yields at significant environmental and social costs to a holistic, regenerative approach that sees potential in diversity and resilience.

Industrial agriculture has eroded our cultural heritage, degraded our soils, depleted biodiversity, and undermined nutrition and food sovereignty, pushing a one-size-fits-all solution that seldom fits the varied African contexts. In contrast, agroecology offers a people-centered system that integrates indigenous knowledge with contemporary science, fostering solutions that are environmentally sustainable and culturally pertinent.

Our advocacy extends to establishing policies that resonate deeply with the needs of African communities, challenging the infiltration of foreign neoliberal agendas and corporate dominance in our food systems. We are vigorously advocating for agroecology and food sovereignty within national, regional, continental, and international policy arenas that discuss transformative changes in food systems, just climate action, agricultural biodiversity, and landscape restoration.

Our current advocacy efforts are focused on several critical fronts: promoting an African food policy at the African Union level, advancing agroecology as a means for just climate action at the UNFCCC, defending farmers’ rights and supporting farmers-managed seed systems at the CBD, and engaging with the FAO.

AFSA is also at the forefront of leading successful pan-African campaigns such as “My Food Is African,” “Agroecology for Climate,” “Seed Is Life,” “Healthy Soils, Healthy Foods,” and “Our Land, Our Rights.” Each campaign is strategically crafted to challenge and disrupt the dominant industrial and neoliberal narratives around food security and green growth.

These campaigns strongly oppose the commercialization of African agriculture and mobilize resistance against all false solutions to climate change, food security, and biodiversity restoration, ensuring our actions reflect the true aspirations and needs of African communities.

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