Agroecological entreprenuers

African Agroecological Entrepreneurship and Territorial Markets


The Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa (AFSA) has been actively involved in promoting agroecological enterprises and territorial markets across Africa, a key pathway to pursuing agroecology as highlighted by the AFSA 2020 biennial food system conference.

During this event, AFSA members endorsed the initiative towards harnessing market power in the transition to agroecology, leading to the launch of the African Agroecological Entrepreneurship (AAE) and Territorial Markets (TMs) initiative, designed to empower local entrepreneurs, strengthen market systems, and foster growth and resilience within this sector.

The AAE initiative included a comprehensive research project analyzing African Agroecological Enterprises (AAEs) and their service providers, concluding its first phase in June 2021 with the production of 21 knowledge products.

These findings were shared globally through presentations at over 10 high-level international conferences, sparking debates on supporting these enterprises. Building on these insights, AFSA developed a three-year phase II proposal focusing on Territorial Markets, Stakeholders’ Convening, and Policy Advocacy in 2022.

Similarly, Territorial Markets have emerged as a key pathway to pursue agroecology, as underscored by recommendations from the AFSA 2020 biennial food system conference and the first phase of supporting African agroecological projects. AFSA, recognizing its role as a network of networks within the agroecology space, initiated research on the role of territorial markets in six countries.

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