Scaling Up Practises

Scaling agroecological practices is a critical strategic direction for AFSA, focusing on expanding the implementation of sustainable agricultural practices across Africa. This involves supporting a significant number of territories, municipalities, communities, and local governments in adopting Transition to Agroecology action plans.

The goal is to enhance local capacities for food production that are ecologically sustainable and socially equitable. By establishing and promoting regional centers of excellence in agroecology, AFSA aims to foster innovation and knowledge sharing among African communities.

AFSA is committed to advocating for agroecology in educational systems, including the establishment of agroecology clubs in schools. This educational outreach is complemented by strengthening women’s organizations and supporting existing markets that align with sustainable practices.

These efforts are essential for building a robust support network for agroecological transitions, which includes creating community-centered seed banks and developing comprehensive methodologies and resources for agroecological farming.

The way forward for AFSA includes mapping local governments and territories to identify and engage potential partners for scaling agroecological practices. The alliance also focuses on policy advocacy to ensure supportive regulations and labeling for centers of excellence in agroecology. Through these strategic actions, AFSA aims to support millions of farmers in adopting agroecological methods, significantly enhancing food sovereignty and ecological sustainability across the continent.

This broad-based approach ensures that agroecological practices are not only adopted but also integrated into the mainstream agricultural policies and practices in Africa.

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