creating discourse

Creating Discourse

Communication plays a pivotal role in the strategic direction of AFSA, as it underpins the cohesion and effectiveness of our advocacy and research efforts. We recognize the importance of both internal and external communications in promoting food sovereignty across Africa.

Internally, AFSA is dedicated to enhancing communication channels to ensure all members are consistently informed and aligned with the alliance’s strategic initiatives and activities. This internal cohesion is essential for maintaining a unified front in our advocacy efforts.

Externally, our goal is to significantly boost the visibility of our members and their contributions to Agroecology and food sovereignty by establishing strong relationships with media houses and influencers, and ensuring all messaging from our secretariat is timely, bold and strategically aligned with our overarching goals.

Our communications strategy is crafted to amplify AFSA’s voice both continentally and globally, navigating the challenges posed by the dominance of industrial agriculture in public discourse. We aim to influence the mainstream media narrative, integrating food sovereignty and Agroecology within broader discussions on climate action, agricultural sustainability, and social justice.

To achieve this, we are focused on defining and owning the narrative around Agroecology, strengthening AFSA’s brand, and building a vast network of messengers across Africa and beyond. We strive to humanize the impacts of Agroecology through storytelling, engage diverse audiences, and strengthen media relations to ensure our message is heard widely.

AFSA will continue to improve our communication approaches, seeking to build capacity among our members and the secretariat for effective communication. This includes training in strategic communication skills and utilizing new technologies and platforms to reach a wider audience.

By nurturing synergy and coordination among members and working groups, we enhance our communication efficiency, ensuring our efforts in advocacy, research, and movement building are well-documented and widely recognized. We are committed to driving a unified messaging strategy that captures the power of authentic African voices to advocate for policy changes favorable to Agroecology and food sovereignty.

Utilizing every available platform, from digital media to direct policy engagement, we aim to promote the adoption of Agroecology across Africa. This comprehensive approach ensures that AFSA not only responds to opposition but actively leads the discourse on agroecology and climate justice globally.

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