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Building Movement

AFSA unites a diverse group of civil society organizations, farmers associations, pastoralists, fisherfolk, indigenous peoples, faith groups, consumers, women, youth, and activists from across the continent. As a robust alliance, we connect 43 member networks active in 50 countries in Africa, reaching an estimated 200 million people.

Our structure extends from regional networks down to local associations, exemplified by members like the Participatory Ecological Land Use Management (PELUM) Association. PELUM itself connects over 283 civil society organizations in 12 countries, collectively working to enhance the livelihoods of over 10 million small-scale farmers and their communities, emphasizing sustainable agricultural practices and community empowerment.

In our commitment to strengthening food sovereignty and advocating for agroecology, AFSA works to forge a strong, unified movement that amplifies the voice of our diverse membership. We focus on enhancing the visibility and inclusivity of our members while fostering a space for the exchange of experiences and strengthening of institutional capacities.

This effort includes intentionally mapping and engaging with various stakeholders across different territories, local governments and municipalities, which is crucial for tailoring our continental level initiatives and campaigns to meet the specific needs and opportunities within these communities.

The convergence, alliance-building, and partnerships are vital components of our strategy, allowing us to expand our influence and ensure that our movement is well-equipped to advocate for and implement transformational changes in food systems across Africa.

This strategic approach not only helps build a cohesive movement but also ensures that our members are well-positioned to drive the transition towards agroecology and activate transformational changes in food systems across Africa. By engaging with various stakeholders, building constituency and enhancing governance and strong agency within member organizations, AFSA aims to build a foundation that is solid yet adaptable, ready to meet the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Looking to the future, AFSA is dedicated to increasing the visibility of our movement and enhancing the engagement of diverse interest groups. This strategic direction ensures that we can champion the cause of food sovereignty effectively, promoting sustainable, just and equitable food systems that are by Africans and for Africans. Our efforts are geared towards creating a food-secure Africa where communities are empowered to maintain their cultural and ecological heritage while embracing sustainable practices.

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