Evidence for Agroecology

Evidence for Agroecology

AFSA is building a clear narrative, backed up with evidence, for the transition to Agroecology. AFSA gathers evidence of the benefits of agroecology for climate action, nutrition, agricultural biodiversity, social justice and more. The evidence demonstrates the holistic nature of agroecology and offers empirical data to back it up.

The evidence demonstrates that:

  • Agroecology Is Diverse – like Nature.
  • It’s Productive – increasing yields in a short time.
  • It’s Resilient to climate change, and puts carbon back in the ground.
  • It’s Efficient – recycling resources, less inputs, less waste.
  • It’s Culturally Appropriate – local innovations and solutions.

Our evidence comes from a variety of sources.

  • Case Studies: More than 70 on-the-ground examples of agroecology in transition all over the continent; each one demonstrating the benefits and offering a huge potential for sharing and scaling these practices.
  • Research: Policy studies that help us understand the current situation, the power dynamics keeping it in place, and provide entry points for advocacy and opportunities for change.
  • Films: Short documentaries voiced by grassroots food producers, animated films to explain the issues in visual ways, interviews and presentations by experts.

We invite you to look at the evidence we have gathered, and see the difference that the transition to agroecology is making to communities across Africa.

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