Our membership policy


The Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa (AFSA) has four membership categories.

1. Core Members 2. Associate Members 3. Friends of AFSA

The Core Members of the Alliance are regional food producer organisations (e.g. farmers, fishers, pastoralists), regional indigenous peoples’ organisations, regional consumer movements and regional NGO networks. (In this context ‘regional’ means operating in more than one African country.)

The Associate Members include specialist NGOs and national networks that are not able to be core members of AFSA through a regional network.

The Friends of AFSA category includes organizations based outside Africa who support what AFSA stands for and are keen to work with AFSA.

Honorary Members are distinguished individuals from Africa who can add value to AFSA’s work and former Chairpersons of AFSA. Members will identify and suggest potential names to the Board who will then recommend to the General Assembly.

Please note: Organisations that are already members of an existing AFSA member network cannot apply to be an AFSA member in their own right. In such a case, their representation within the Alliance is via the existing AFSA member network.

Membership criteria

Members must be existing, viable, active organizations believing in what AFSA stands for and subscribing to the principles of AFSA.

A member must be working in the area of food sovereignty in Africa and must have a good track record.

Roles and obligations of members

Members contribute to the operations and activities of AFSA. This includes support in deliberations, planning, advice, financial issues and providing expertise. Members are willing to share information at all levels and participate actively in annual meetings.


By belonging to AFSA, members will have a continental voice to advocate for food sovereignty. They will benefit from learning exchange both within regions and between regions. Members will have access to data and information from AFSA and will receive publications, flyers and other materials.

Termination of membership

Members will cease to be members of AFSA if they:

  • Violate any of the binding principles of AFSA,
  • Voluntarily terminate their own membership,
  • Wind up as a network or organization.

Members who fail to pay the annual subscription three consecutive times will be considered dormant and will not be treated as full members until they pay their subscriptions.

How to become a member

All prospective members, except honorary members, will apply for membership and be considered on a case-by-case basis, with endorsement or any mechanism agreed upon by the General Assembly.

Prospective members should write an application to the Chairperson and send it to the secretariat three months prior to the General Assembly requesting for membership. This application should present a detailed network or organisational profile: what they do, what they stand for (their mandate), membership representation and achievements.

Core and associate members will need to pay a membership fee and an annual subscription fee as determined by the General Assembly from time to time. Friends of AFSA may contribute in cash or in kind.

Membership procedure

Organizations that would like to become members will write a letter of intent which includes:

  1. the name of the organization,
  2. its registration number (if registered),
  3. the number and kind of its members,
  4. the countries that it operates in,
  5. what the network does,
  6. why it is interested to be a member,
  7. what it can offer to AFSA by becoming a member.

The applications will be circulated to AFSA members for their reflection and comment. The Board of Directors will review applications and recommend approval or rejection to the General Assembly for final decision.

Rules and regulations will define, among others, how members are accepted, and the amount of annual subscription fees.

You can download an application form here

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