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Climate Change And Agroecology working group meets in Nairobi

The members of the Climate Change and Agroecology working group of AFSA met on 6th December 2021 in Nairobi,  during the AFSA Strategic and Annual general meetings.

The meeting was a side session in which the members reflected on the work that the group had done in 2021 but also proposed what they would do in 2022 regarding the transition to Agroecology for Climate Action.

Over the period of last year 2021, the AFSA Climate Change working group members carried out various activities. The links below refer you to some of the vast engagements that were carried out by the members in campaigning for the transition to Agroecology for Climate Action.

Climate song – “what have we done?”

The working group as well launched a climate song titled “what have we done?”  in partnership with RESCOPE Kenya, Haki Nawiri Africa and Indigenous Women and girls Initiative as leading partners. The song was written by Isaiah Esipisu, a journalist working closely with AFSA and voiced by Kenyan musician Esmond Majanga and it can be watched here.

A few visuals from the members’ previous engagements are shown in the photo gallery below.

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