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You are warmly invited to share your land and soil stories. You may even get them published!

Land is a community resource: we are custodians of the land and must pass it on to future generations with a living soil. We learn from the good land practices of our grandparents who took into account all land users including pastoralists, hunters, fishers, wild fruit collectors, and wildlife. We build on our rich indigenous knowledge with cutting-edge scientific understanding of soil microbiology to give food producers access to soil enhancing technology made in Africa. We defend and promote women’s rights to land; women’s dynamism in land policy advocacy and the struggle for land rights is central to our work.

To strengthen the evidence base for sustainable land use, and to share good practice, AFSA is documenting land and soil case studies.We want to demonstrate the benefits of sustainable and regenerative land management, and we are keen to hear about the great work that farmers, pastoralists, indigenous peoples, women, youth, researchers, scientists and projects are doing in this area. Examples of case studies might include: indigenous land management systems, successful women’s land rights actions, innovative soil regeneration projects, agroforestry, bio-fertilisers, community land use management, and many more.

AFSA has already developed around 70 case studies on agroecology, seeds, land rights and pastoralism. You can see them all at

If you have a land and soil case you would like to share, you are invited to get involved. This is a two stage process. First, we ask you to send us a short Expression of Interest summarizing your proposed case study. Then, if the case study you propose fits with our program, we will invite you to send us the full case study using a template that we have developed. We have a small budget to help with expenses if further work is needed to complete your case study.

Please fill in the Expression of Interest form and return it to: by the deadline of 15 April 2020.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Obin Benard Eriya

I will be very interested to share the best locally tested and innovative field experience in Soil and Water Management in Semi- arid area of North Eastern Uganda.

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