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National Land Policy Study Reports on Senegal, Mali, Togo, Ghana & Cameroon.

AFSA is delighted to launch a series of five national reports, within AFSA’s Our Land is Our Life land rights initiative in these countries.

These reports aim to:
  1. Examine Land Policies and Governance: They seek to understand the national land policies and governance structures, focusing on how these policies affect peasants’ rights, women’s rights, and food sovereignty.
  2. Impact Assessment on Land Users: The reports assess how current land governance frameworks impact various groups such as family farmers, indigenous peoples, women, and youth. This includes examining human rights, land rights, access to and control of land, protection of customary land rights, and involvement in land policy decisions.
  3. Large-Scale Land Acquisitions: They evaluate the extent and impact of large-scale land acquisitions by both national and international investors on local land users.
  4. Implementation of International Guidelines: The reports assess how international guidelines on land governance, such as those from the UN, AU, and RECs, are being implemented at the national level.
  5. Stakeholder Analysis: They provide an analysis of key stakeholders in land policy, identifying allies for protecting small-scale farmers and pastoralists’ rights, and examining the influence and narratives of those who favor privatization and investment in land rights.
  6. Policy Barriers and Advocacy Opportunities: The reports aim to identify barriers to land rights and opportunities for policy advocacy, including strategies for challenging opposing narratives.
  7. Recommendations for Advocacy Strategy: They offer recommendations to inform advocacy strategies for land rights, identifying key policy spaces, entry points, and actors best placed for advocacy.

Access the reports below:

Senegal report

Mali report

Togo report

Ghana report

Cameroon report


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