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The First African Agroecological Entrepreneurship & Territorial Markets Convening

May 24-26, 2022

A Hybrid Event: In-person Kampala, Uganda and Online Virtually

Join entrepreneurs, consumer groups, investors, governmental officials, donors, and service providers building a new economy for local, healthy food systems.

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(Registration will start in mid April)

This is an open call to agroecological entrepreneurs, movements, market leaders and vendors, civil society organizations, consumer groups, women’s organizations, service providers (accelerators, incubators, business and technical assistance providers, etc.), donors and investors, public officials, diplomatic mission, academic researchers, media, among others.

In May 2022, AFSA will host a trailblazing convening to build a shared vision for the growth of African agroecological entrepreneurs and territorial markets centered on equitable and sustainable development for a healthy and sustainable food system.

While the COVID-19 pandemic exposed the weaknesses and challenges of global industrial food systems and markets, smallholder farmers, agroecological enterprises, and local markets with shorter supply chains were able to coordinate their efforts and step up to meet the food and nutrition needs of African consumers in rural and remote areas.

Building on this successful experience, we have the opportunity to strengthen African-led food economies. These economies support agricultural livelihoods, promote thriving rural economies, celebrate African culinary traditions, nurture ecosystems, and build frameworks to create similar systems in different parts of the world.

Join us in person in Kampala, Uganda or online virtually along with participants from across sectors to discuss, reflect and develop an action plan for creating stronger support services, funding and investment flows, and national and international policies to advance agroecological entrepreneurs and territorial markets.

Convening Themes

  1. Territorial markets: How can territorial markets support the development and strengthening of African Agroecological Entrepreneurs (AAEs)?
  2. Support systems to agroecological entrepreneurs (AAEs): Finance and investment, donors, capacity building, accelerators – What kind of support do AAEs most need?
  3. Enabling policies: Examples of how policy can support public procurement, school feeding programmes, incentives / addressing negative subsidies, etc. Which are the most appropriate policies or policy changes to target and why?
  4. Consumers/citizens: Health and food safety, public procurement, citizen involvement/action groups. What are the issues and opportunities going forward to significantly increase citizen support for AAEs?
  5. Open group to tackle any issues outside the above

Convening Goals

  • Create a community of support and increase demand for an enabling business environment for African agroecological entrepreneurs and territorial markets.
  • Increase recognition of African agroecological entrepreneurs and territorial markets by agroecology movements, donors, investors, service providers, and governments.
  • Build momentum for formulating policy recommendations and initiating new programs.


The 11th Hour Project

Agroecology Fund

Biovision Foundation

Transformational Investing in Food Systems Initiative

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