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Our food, its origins, and the stories it tells are an integral part of our cultural heritage. Today, however, the food we consume, the understanding of its origin, its means of production, and its significance to our health and the environment are rapidly becoming detached. This detachment is also visible in Africa, where a growing number of citizens, particularly in urban areas, are disconnected from their food sources. This trend has resulted in a mounting crisis that needs to be addressed urgently.

Recognizing the challenges, AFSA has launched a Pan-African campaign titled “My Food is African.” This initiative seeks to inspire Africans to reconnect with and embrace their traditional foods, dishes, and cuisines. It aims to promote the consumption of healthy, culturally appropriate food, strengthened by favorable food policies.

The “My Food is African” campaign is rooted in the principles of agroecology and food sovereignty. It stands as an essential component in AFSA’s strategic wheel, integrating seamlessly with the alliance’s ongoing Food Policy development initiatives and the work against food scandals and unregulated biotech intrusions in our food system.

The campaign reaches out to the broader digital public. From the youth and smallholder food producers to influential figures like religious leaders, and institutions such as schools and media outlets, “My Food is African” seeks to resonate with everyone. The campaign primarily focuses on African youth, chefs, health experts, teachers, and other influential individuals who can shape the narrative around food in Africa.

In our interconnected world, where industrialized food systems dominate the narrative of what is considered nutritious and delicious, the “My Food is African” campaign stands as a platform to dispel the false solutions to food security in Africa.  It is time to retake control of our food systems, to celebrate the diverse, rich, and healthy traditional African diets that have nourished generations.

Let’s journey together to reclaim our food heritage, to recognize its value, and to demand food systems that work for us rather than against us. This is not just a campaign; it’s a movement towards a healthier, more sustainable, and culturally grounded future.

Join us and listen to the reflections from AFSA leaders about the campaign, its significance, and why it is timely and relevant for African citizens. Learn why it is essential for each one of us to join this movement and support this stride toward agroecology and food sovereignty. Let’s rally together for the cause because My Food is African, and it always will be.

My Food Is African Campaign: Thoughts from AFSA Members and Leaders

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