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Together with the Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa, Biowatch South Africa, and PELUM Tanzania, the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation has publicly launched a new groundbreaking documentary film called THE LAST SEED. AFSA is happy to announce that the first clip from the film, entitled “The Seed Struggle in Africa” is now available to the public. We hope that this film will inspire change in advocating for food sovereignty and brings to light the urgent, pivotal issues facing African farmers today.

Through the lens of this film, we delve into a reality often overlooked – the struggle for control over the bedrock and source of agriculture, the seed. The freedom to feed oneself, the power to decide what grows on our farms and gardens, what we eat on our plate and the assurance of having food to feed our family are more than just basic rights – they are the epitome of true freedom. Yet, this is the freedom that is being threatened today.

A silent war is being waged against African farmers as powerful multinational seed companies and foreign investors compete to seize control over Africa’s seed sovereignty. In the name of development, doors are being flung open for these entities to exploit Africa’s resources, secure new markets, and alter our laws for their business interests.

At the heart of this war is the seed – the beginning of the agricultural value chain. It determines what crops will be planted, and under what conditions. However, if the control over seeds is lost, it means losing our right to food sovereignty. It equates to relinquishing control over our food systems and hence, losing everything.

This is a story that takes us back to our roots, reminding us of a time before the arrival of European influence, when African farmers thrived, choosing their seeds and how to grow them. Today, these indigenous farming practices are under threat, the diverse indigenous foods are being replaced with foreign products, and our farmers are losing the battle against the big industries.

The narrative that Africa needs to feed an ever-growing population is often used to justify this encroachment. But it overlooks a crucial fact – 90% of the seeds used in Africa are held by small-scale farmers who provide 70% of the continent’s food. Meanwhile, commercial farming sectors mainly produce maize and soya beans to meet the demands of the global animal feed industry.

The ‘Seed Struggle in Africa’ shatters this industry narrative, shedding light on the realities of the farming sector in Africa and the silent war being waged over its seeds. It is a call to action, a plea for awareness, and a testament to the power of truth.

Join us as we embark on this journey to reclaim our seed sovereignty, our food, and our freedom.

Watch the first clip of ‘The Seed Struggle in Africa’ on our YouTube channel and become part of this crucial conversation about our future.

The Seed Struggle in Africa

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