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AFSA warmly invites you to join a series of six webinars exploring the many ways Agroecology can provide sustainable African solutions to the multiple crises we face.

In each episode, a keynote speaker will set the scene, and then a panel of experts and practitioners will discuss the topic leading to a Q&A session facilitated by a moderator.

Each episode will be 90 minutes long and interpreted in English and French.

Register here in advance to attend any or all the webinars:

Date / Time 


17 August, 2 pm Our Pathway to Climate Justice in Africa: Agroecology and Food Sovereignty
31 August, 4 pm Agroecology as a Social Movement: Empowering Communities and Transforming Food Systems
14 September, 4 pm Our Land is Our Life: Agroecology versus industrial land use
28 September, 4 pm Our Seeds, Our Culture: Decolonising Africa’s seed systems
12 October, 4 pm The Economics of Agroecology: Revolutionizing African Trade and Empowering Agroecological Enterprises through Territorial Markets
26 October, 4 pm Our Food is African: Towards a Fair and Inclusive African Food Policy: Celebrating the Richness of African Cuisine

Time zones

2 pm EAT is 4 am PDT, 7 am EDT, 11 am GMT/Senegal/Ghana, 12 noon UK/Nigeria/Cameroon, 1 pm Southern Africa, 2 pm East Africa.

4 pm EAT is 6 am PDT, 9 am EDT, 1 pm GMT/Senegal/Ghana, 2 pm UK/Nigeria/Cameroon, 3 pm Southern Africa, 4 pm East Africa.

(Please Note: The first webinar on Climate Justice on 17 August has a separate registration link:

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