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Digitization has become an accepted part of life, permeating and continuing to permeate many of the most critical aspects of human life. The food system is no exception. In recent years, there has been a rapid proliferation of tech incubators and start-up acceleration programs explicitly aimed at the food system across the continent.

AFSA members agreed to focus on the future of African markets as critical components of the transition to agroecology at the third biennial food systems conference, which was held in October 2020 under the theme “Shaping the Future of Africa Food Markets in Africa: What kind of markets do we need for the transition to agroecology?”

AFSA members also discussed the significant gap in research and knowledge management in topics related to digitization in African agriculture, African territorial markets, and their role in advancing the transition to agroecology in Africa.

As a result, AFSA plans to commission a study titled “Digital Marketing: Opportunities and Challenges for Agroecological Entrepreneurs.” The research study is expected to address the following core objectives.

  • To examine the current state of play in digital marketing for agriculture in Africa including emerging technologies, approaches, and actors.
  • Explore the role of digital marketing in the agroecological marketplace across Africa, including challenges and opportunities for agroecological entrepreneurs.
  • To generate concrete proposals, approaches, and recommendations of the use of digital marketing to enhance the transition to agroecology.

Accordingly, AFSA hereby announces a call for Expression Of Interest (EOI) to to undertake a study on the role of digital marketing in the transition to agroecology in Africa.

The bidder must submit the EOI by March 25, 2022, detailing a thorough understanding of the TORs, methodology of execution, completion timeline, and budget for the work. The application should include the three points listed below.

  1. A letter (1-2 pages) expressing interest and understanding of TORs.
  2. A short reflection (1-2 pages) on the proposed methodology, timeline, and budget, and
  3.  A general profile of the firm/individual and CV.

Please send your EOI to afsa@afsafrica.orgv by 5:00 p.m. (East Africa Time) on March 25, 2022. The subject line of the email should read ‘Digital Marketing Study Proposal.’

Don’t hesitate to contact Charles Mulozi Olweny ( and Bridget Mugambe ( with any questions.

Download the complete TOR and EOI using this link

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