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Welome to AFSA’s Annual Report 2019

A lot happened in 2019 but here are five takeaways.

  1. Climate Change Campaign: The campaign was launched in Ghana at the African Climate Week in March 2019. Twelve countries are participating in this campaign and the majority have started organizing themselves for a concerted advocacy on policies related to agriculture and the climate crisis.
  2. African Food Policy: Policy development in Africa has never been a ground up process. To reverse this and mobilize the African citizen to be part of policy development, on an issue that is close to the stomach, AFSA has launched a process of development of a Food Policy for Africa. A consultation will be held in as many African countries as possible and at the AU level to analyse the current food system and policies and envision a better policy.
  3. The Narrative Group: To respond to the outcome of the food system conference in 2016, which identified key narratives of the industrial food system that are shaping policies in Africa, AFSA established a narrative group. The purpose of the group is to debunk the narrative of industrial agriculture and respond to attacks on agroecology and food sovereignty as they arise.
  4. Healthy Soil Healthy Food: Training on producing natural fertilizers has now taken place across the continent and farmers are implementing it. To take this project to a higher level, a team has been developing a bigger agenda which includes identification of training centres, organizing extension services, facilitating research, exploring business opportunities, using the result for advocacy and coordinating the activity.
  5. Communications: One of our funders, the 11thHour Project, commissioned the Rally communications firm to support AFSA’s campaign work. Rally did a thorough assessment of the media environment in the context of agroecology and AFSA’s presence in these spaces. The outcome was a strategy that we have integrated into ours and have started implementing.

I hope you read the report and reflect on our successes and challenges.

Thank you all for supporting AFSA in so many ways and for making it possible for us to operate as we do.

Million Belay, AFSA General Coordinator

Download the report as a PDF here

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