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You are invited to a conversation with the African Union and Food Sovereignty Activists from all sub-regions of Africa. AFSA Chairperson Dr Chris Macoloo will be asking the tough questions to representatives from the African Union Commission and activists from across the continent. 
  • What guidance is the African Union giving to member states, and to what extent is it working?
  • Where are African people getting their food? How are the markets systems coping?
  • What is the situation of women and young people?
  • What is the impact on pastoralists and their livestock?
  • What is the situation north of the Sahara?
  • Where do we see the role of the industrial food system in the COVID crisis?
  • What are the implications for food sovereignty?
  • What is happening to support the transition to agroecology?

Date: Tuesday 14 July, 10:00 AM GMT / UTC

Register here

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